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Cytotec 200 original abortion pill. Medical center for selling abortion drugs Cytotec 200 English or American for sale in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Cytotec pills


WOMEN EGYP Cytotec 200

Egypt women website for selling original abortion drugs Cytotec 200 English or American for sale in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain with the ability to buy cytotec online and ship to all Arab countries

Buy Cytotec 200 pills

Buy Cytotec

For all women there are pills for sale. The most powerful drug for safe abortion and cleaning of the uterus without any side effects and under medical supervision from the beginning of use until the completion of the abortion process. The drug is original manufactured by Pfizer and imported from England

important warning

The management of the Egypt Women website has received many reports on some sites and Facebook pages for selling counterfeit and fake abortion drugs. Follow our article to learn about the pictures on the difference between the original and the imitation

who are we

We are a medical center specializing in women’s health, with more than 10 years of experience, and our goal is to increase awareness about abortion drugs and how to use medicine to terminate pregnancy without side effects and preserve the general health of women while preserving privacy

Cytotec 200

It is the abortion pill and it consists of a compound or active substance, which is Misoprostol only, with a volume of 200 mg per pill, and it is in the form of a hexagon and engraved on it the number of the manufacturer which is the number 1461 and the color of the pill is white and the strip is 14 tablets

Cytotec Abortion Center

Medical center for selling the abortion pills Cytotec 200 and Misotac and abortion operations

customer service

Excellent customer service, we have specialists to answer your inquiries and under free medical supervision 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to follow up on pregnancies with abortion pills while maintaining full privacy.

Medical supervision

We have medical supervision on all cases of abortion and are professionals in dealing with abortion drugs such as Cytotec 200, the original American or English at any time, we have shipping to all countries with the purchase of the product online


One of the most important characteristics of abortion pills is the way they are stored, because poor storage harms abortion medicines, even if they are valid, we have the necessary experience and the modern possibility to transport and take all medicines.

Total privacy

Maintaining complete confidentiality for clients. All data provided in the database between the doctor and the patient are preserved according to the law, so it is prohibited to display this information to any third party or use it illegally.

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