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Cytotec 200 original abortion pill. Medical center for selling abortion drugs Cytotec 200 English or American for sale in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Cytotec pills

Cytotec original

شكل حبوب سايتوتك الاصليه والتقليد

Cytotec original pills The administration of Cytotec has received many complaints about the exposure of a number of its customers to fraud and fraud from gangs operating across Arab countries, which delude customers through ads on social media that they are selling the original Cytotec pills, and also monitored a number of sellers of abortion pills who are doing By providing counterfeit and non-original abortion pills,

we have provided all the pages that you can find on how to find the original British abortion pills, and how to get the original British abortion pills from Cytotec.

Cytotec original pills

Cytotec is a medicine used for stomach ulcers, but it contains the ingredient misoprostol, which helps in making uterine contractions that lead to aborting an unwanted pregnancy.

The third, but with the people coming to buy it, many of the similar types were forged, and of course they are counterfeit in the first degree and do not carry any success rate and lead to abortion

The shape of the original Cytotec pill box

The box comes in white, and inside it is almost a silver strip, and there is also in black and pink, but it is less effective

The original Cytotec tape shape

The black strip contains 14 tablets of 200 mg concentration, which is an English-made medicine and there is also a strip of 10 pills, which is American manufacture

Fake Cytotec pills

In the recent period, fake Cytotec pills appeared on the market, and they are in the same color as the original, which is the silver strip, and the strip contains only 14 tablets.

Saitotek original Cytotec pills abortion How it works

Cytotec is an abortion pill through the Cytotec website. Cytotec pills are used in the abortion process and it can also be used to stimulate the birth process, as the drug helps in treating gastrointestinal ulcers, but in this case a pregnancy test must be done before taking the drug and it is preferable to take the drug two or three days after the menstrual period days..

Indications to use original Cytotec pills

The drug is used in the abortion process before the eighth week of pregnancy, but in cases where a rupture of the uterus occurred in the event of a miscarriage.
Misoprostol is used to induce abortion as an alternative to surgical abortion, which is cheaper and less harmful, does not require anesthesia, and does not form scars or adhesions inside the uterus compared to surgical abortion, and the World Health Organization has published clear usage evidence related to the method of use and the risks of using misoprostol as a method

used as a treatment for stomach ulcers and the resulting digestive system Stop taking painkillers.
It is used to stimulate labor, and abortion
prevents stomach ulcers from taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, ketoprofen, naproxen and diclofenac.

Fetal death
The original Cytotec pill can be used in cases of fetal death. Spontaneous abortion does not occur, but studies and research are required to define a safe and effective protocol for the use of misoprostol in these cases.

It is used regularly in hospitals to stimulate abortion in cases of early fetal death and to terminate pregnancy in cases of abnormal fetuses. A small dose is used in the beginning and then doubled for the remaining doses until the abortion occurs and in the case of previous cesarean sections, small doses were used

Postpartum haemorrhage
The original Cytotec pills can be used to prevent or treat postpartum haemorrhage. Rectal use is preferred in cases of bleeding, where a lower rate of common side effects has been observed

The side effects of the original Cytotec drug

There are some symptoms that accompany taking Cytotec, including the dangerous and the natural ones that disappear after the first weeks of taking the drug and after stopping the drug. These symptoms are as follows: – Vomiting, flatulence and constipation

How do Cytotec original tablets work


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Cytotec original

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