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Cytotec 200 original abortion pill. Medical center for selling abortion drugs Cytotec 200 English or American for sale in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Cytotec pills

Buy Cytotec 200

Buy Cytotec 200

Buy Cytotec 200 in Egypt and the Arab countries Special price 35% discount. Cytotec is the original production of Pfizer.
Free consultation at special prices. Buying Cytotec 200 in Egypt, English made, and there is American.
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What is Cytotec?

They are tablets used to induce labor or abortion, to treat postpartum bleeding in cases of insufficient contractions, and also to treat stomach ulcers.

The active ingredient of Cytotec

Misoprostol . Cytotec (misoprostol) is used to reduce the risk of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, including aspirin, and gastric ulcers, in high-risk patients.

Indications for use of Cytotec?

Since it causes contractions and contractions in the uterus in women, Cytotec is used as a medicine for abortion, termination of pregnancy, disposal of deceased fetuses and in childbirth processes, and it has impressive results in the first months of pregnancy from one to 3 months

Cytotec pills price
Cytotec pills price

Before anything, it is necessary to completely make sure of the occurrence of pregnancy through the common analysis to make sure that the period of pregnancy has not exceeded 4 months and there is no pregnancy outside the uterus in cases of migratory pregnancy

How to use Cytotec 200

In the case of the gestational age of one month using two tablets under the tongue and in the womb every two hours five times in the case of the gestational age of two months to 3 months using 14 tablets Hptin under the tongue and in the womb every two hours to be the total disk 14

The side effects

Before Buy Cytotec 200, side effects must be considered
The abortion pill causes side effects including nausea, headache, side effects such as feeling cold, back pain, uterus, and bleeding.

Important alert Buy Cytotec 200

Before Buy Cytotec 200, you must know the source of the product and take into account that the original medicine is well stored and that the validity period of the medicine is not expired. If the bleeding continues for more than two hours, you should go to the nearest hospital or see a doctor to monitor the case continuously and in a timely manner. In the event that a miscarriage did not occur, you must repeat the process again, with the advice of a doctor

First: It is likely that the body will be able to inhibit its effect, or it is not original, then you can try again after two or three days, or change the medicine with another medicine and consult the doctor about that. Vaginal suppositories are used to clean the uterus from the remnants of pregnancy, if any. The drug may be prescribed, but with caution, to people with the following conditions:

Women who suffer from cardiovascular disease Women who have high blood pressure Women who have chronic cases of diarrhea for any reason whatsoever

How to buy Cytotec 200

Buy Cytotec 200

Buy the original Cytotec 200 and ship to all countries. The possibility of buying online

Special offer buy Cytotec 200

Special rate 35% off abortion medication

Wherever we provide Cytotec medicine for safe home abortion without side effects, we have the original Cytotec pills (Cytotec 200) for sale in Egypt and all Arab countries for safe abortion at home without Cytotec side effects.

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Frequently asked questions

How to buy Cytotec?

You can buy Cytotec from trusted websites as well as on ours, and among the trusted sites are the CYTOTEC APORTION PILLS website and the reputable safetyabortion website.

What is the price of Cytotec in Egypt?

The price of the original Cytotec pills in Egypt ranges from 800 pounds to 1200 pounds, which are the English Cytotec pills or the American Cytotec pills.

How do I differentiate between the original Cytotec and the tradition?

In the presence of current technology, everything can be imitated. The original Cytotec pills have signs that can be imitated, so you should deal with a reliable source.

Are Cytotec pills sold in pharmacies?

Do not follow Cytotec pills in pharmacies in Egypt and most Arab countries, but they are sold on social media and websites, but Cytotec pills can be purchased from some pharmacies that have previous good knowledge of importers of abortion pills

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