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Side effects and complications of Cytotec abortion pills

Side effects and complications of Cytotec abortion pills

Side effects and complications of Cytotec abortion pills

How much bleeding and cramps are normal after taking Cytotec

For some women, the cramping is very strong – more painful than menstrual cramps (if you have menstrual cramps) and the bleeding is much heavier than a menstrual period. You may pass blood clots up to the size of a lemon in the first few hours after eating . Cytotec. For other women, the cramping is mild and the bleeding is like a normal menstrual period.

What if I don’t bleed after taking Cytotec?

Seek medical attention if you do not bleed or have little bleeding followed by severe pain (especially in the right shoulder) that ibuprofen does not relieve. This could be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy (an ectopic pregnancy). While this is rare, it can also be life threatening. You can also call to speak with a trained abortion counselor if you are concerned that the abortion has not been successful.

What if I bleed a lot after taking the abortion pill?

Seek medical attention if you soak two regular pieces per hour for two hours in a row after you think you are past pregnancy. Soaking across the pillow means that blood is saturated with blood from front to back, side to side, and through to the other.

What can I do to treat any pain after taking the abortion pill ?

Side effects and complications of Cytotec abortion pills
Side effects and complications of Cytotec abortion pills

Take 3-4 tablets (200 mg) every 6-8 hours to help relieve pain. Remember, you can also take ibuprofen before using Cytotec as well.

Can I eat normally after taking the abortion pill?

After the misoprostol (Cytotec) dissolves, you can eat as much as you like. Dry food (such as crackers or toast) may help with nausea, while leafy greens, eggs, and red meat can help restore minerals lost during a miscarriage.

Can I drink fluids normally after taking the abortion pill?

After Cytotec dissolves, you can drink any liquid you like (except alcohol

How long does it take for the side effects of the abortion pill to disappear?

Most women will get pregnant in about 4-5 hours and feel better in as little as 24 hours. It is normal to continue to see light bleeding and spotting until the next period in 3-4 weeks

Is it normal to feel nauseous or nauseous after taking Cytotec ?

It is normal to feel nausea, diarrhea, chills, or even have a fever during this time. Most women report that they know when they are past pregnancy because the bleeding is slowing, and they start to feel much better.


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Side effects and complications of Cytotec abortion pills

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