Cytotec 200

Cytotec 200

Cytotec 200 Country of Origin

The drug is imported from England, Produced by Pfizer and the results are immediate, with follow-up and medical supervision by a specialized doctor, while maintaining complete privacy and confidentiality to
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Cytotec 200 original

Cytotec 200 and the appropriate dose

Cytotec appropriate dose. It is often asked about the appropriate dose for an abortion with Cytotec, and here it is necessary to alert you. There is no fixed dose for the medicine, but the dose is usually calculated by the attending physician due to several things.

Gestational age

Cytotec 200
Cytotec 200

The appropriate dose for abortion varies according to the age of pregnancy, and it should be noted that the drug is very effective and safe if used for a maximum pregnancy period of 12 weeks.


Cytotec 200 original pills

The medicine used must be original and guaranteed because unfortunately there are many types found in the market and pharmacies. It is sold by people without conscience, and the fake drug does not cause abortion, but rather creates deformities for the fetus, or the fetus dies in the mother’s womb, and this is due to the lack of the drug containing the active substance necessary for the abortion. The original Cytotec medicine is always a strip of 14 tablets and the shape of the pill is hexagonal and engraved on the pill No. (1461)

Articles and scientific research on the use of Cytotec

Misoprostol ( English : Misoprostol) What is the drug. It is used to stimulate the onset of labor or abortion, to treat postpartum haemorrhage in some cases of insufficient contractions, and also to treat stomach ulcers in special cases. Confirm side effects in humans, and thus it is strictly forbidden to use it in cases of natural pregnancy

It also has effects: diarrhea , abdominal cramps , and miscarriage. As it belongs to the category (X) of the safety classes during pregnancy , and this category was the
class of prostaglandin any industrial . One of the common side effects of this drug is the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines (this list includes the most important medicines that are required to be in the basic health system

Cytotec medical abortion

Misoprostol is more effective when used with methotrexate or mifepristone, since it is less effective (88% up to 8 weeks of pregnancy) when used alone. Misoprostol is not safe if it is under medical supervision, but (1%) of women will experience severe bleeding that requires the attention of doctors and some women may experience

Octoprostol (ectopic) pregnancy and 12% of pregnancies that continue after failure to use misoprostol The  WHO protocols lead to the use of four doses of misoprostol until the twelfth week of pregnancy, and the dose is taken under the tongue or inside the  vagina,  provided that there are at least three hours between Dose

The other succeed in the process of abortion (90%) of the attempts at the first time in the case of failure can retry after at least three days and can be used Mazoborstol to expand the cervix when you perform an abortion surgically article source Wikipedia

Frequently asked questions

How to use Cytotec pills?

After taking a Cytotec pill, there are two ways to use Misoprostol (Cytotec): vaginally or by mouth (placed under the tongue). The two methods are equally effective. When using the pills in the vagina, it may take up to 4 days before they dissolve completely

Can you use Cytotec if you are still breastfeeding?

It is recommended not to breastfeed in the first five hours after taking Cytotec, and it is recommended to discard the milk secreted in the first five hours after taking Cytotec.

What if you do not start bleeding after using Cytotec 200?

If you do not start bleeding within the first 4 hours, you should use two new Cytotec 200 mg pills in the same way. If you do not start bleeding and are sure you are pregnant, your pregnancy is still ongoing or you have an ectopic pregnancy. You should have an ultrasound

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